December 31, 2009

December 27, 2009

December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to everyone! Whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year, may it be filled with peace and love.

December 22, 2009

December 19, 2009

December 16, 2009

December 11, 2009

This young lady was watching the band that was playing down at the end of her street. At Bele Chere in Asheville.

December 8, 2009

December 5, 2009

December 2, 2009

November 29, 2009

November 26, 2009

November 21, 2009

November 18, 2009

November 15, 2009

November 12, 2009

November 7, 2009

Downtown Greenville, SC

November 3, 2009

One more from DC: a view of the new National Museum of the American Indian.

October 31, 2009

Here's the marathon in-progress. We're waiting for our friend Birgit to come by.

October 28, 2009

Just got back from Washington, DC, where we watched a friend run in the Marine Corps Marathon. Here's the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History.

October 20, 2009

In the backyard, Greenville, SC

October 17, 2009

A cool, drizzling afternoon in Carolina. A good time to document the fall flowers in the backyard.

October 14, 2009

October 10, 2009

October 6, 2009

Went for an overnight hike to North Lake in Paris Mountain State Park—30 minutes from my house in Greenville. Here's the lake, looking toward the dam.

October 4, 2009

Downtown Greenville, SC

October 1, 2009

I just happened to have a camera with me.

September 27, 2009

September 23, 2009

September 20, 2009

The trucks have returned to the little road behind the newspaper office.

September 17, 2009

September 13, 2009

Another view from our campsite in Middle Prong Wilderness.

September 8, 2009

On Saturday we took an overnight hike in Middle Prong Wilderness, off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Here's how it looked behind the tent.

September 5, 2009

August 31, 2009

Saw something new at the bike races: handcycling. This guy was flying in the US Handcycling criterion—20 laps around downtown Greenville.

August 30, 2009

Early action in the USA Cycling Pro Championship Road Race, held Sunday in Greenville. Each of the four laps is 22.5 miles from downtown Greenville out to Paris Mountain, up and over the 2000-foot-high mountain, and then back to downtown. These guys are really tired after this day is over.

August 29, 2009

The scene at the USA Cycling Pro Championship Time Trial, today in Greenville. I believe that David Zabriskie won, for the fourth time in a row.

August 28, 2009

This one is for Carl Weese. My brother and sister and I passed it as we were walking around the old neighborhood.

August 24, 2009

A picture from the ballgame we never quite made it to. We did, however, have a very pleasant evening on the patio of the bar next door, where this was taken.

August 20, 2009

August 16, 2009

August 11, 2009

August 8, 2009

August 4, 2009

August 1, 2009

July 29, 2009

Asheville, NC held its annual Bele Chere festival this past weekend. Here's the scene on a hot, sunny Saturday afternoon in the North Carolina mountains.

July 26, 2009

July 21, 2009

July 18, 2009

July 13, 2009