April 9, 2010


Martina said...

On the Easter weekend I tried some CorkBoardstyle photos ... and now I am wondering why your's are so interesting and mine are so boring ... ;-)

David said...

Maybe pictures like mine don't go with your quotes. Maybe they don't fit into your narrative. (I don't generally associate my pictures with words, either in my mind or on paper.)

In any case, trying on someone else's vision can be a good learning exercise. Since I've been following Carl Weese's Working Pictures blog, I find myself occassionally seeing and taking "Carl Weese" pictures. They are "mine", of course, but I think Carl would have taken them, too, if he had been there.

Martina said...

Yes, I thought about the "quote thing", too ... and about the missing objectivsm regarding one's own photos. Let's see - I have a corkboardish photo and will try to find a quote.

That is the thing I appreciate most with following photo blogs - I have been in "Carl Weese mood", too - of course :-). Seeing different approaches to the world. Learning. Changing. That's what it is about - to me at last.