July 23, 2010

Today begins a long series of pictures from my week at Folly Beach in June. A typical day began with coffee on the beach at sunrise, breakfast, and then a long walk along the beach with the camera. Much fun.


Martina said...

hmmmm - sounds very nice.

But: what is this tree stump doing on the beach? ;-)

I am looking forward to seeing your series.

David said...

Folly Beach is an island just south of Charleston, SC in the USA. Because it is an island, the ocean tends to wash away the beach a little at a time. The residents of the island think this is a bad thing, so they build breakwaters (or jetties) on the beach to slow the erosion.

Some of the breakwaters are made with really big rocks; others are made with wooden boards that are bolted to wooden pole driven deep into the sand. (You'll see pictures of both later in the series.)

This picture is of the end of one of those breakwater poles, far up the beach where it is almost covered by sand.

Martina said...

Thank you for the explanation - makes everything clear now :-)