October 6, 2010

Manipulation notice: Shot this with my G11 at 28mm equivalent, pointed up at the building. Result: barrel distortion and converging verticals. Yuch. But, I had just gotten Lightroom 3, and the G11 lens was profiled. So I had Lightroom fix the barrel distortion. Then I used the manual controls to fix the verticals. The picture looks much better now, but I didn't respect myself in the morning.


Martina said...

LOL - I wonder why we feel like this? Photographers did "manipulate" (i.e. process) their photos all the time.
But ... I feel the same each and every time I use "custom/fine rotation ..." ;-)

David said...

I hate having to rotate pictures. When I'm shooting with a tripod, I use a level on the camera to get the horizon right. A little cropping is OK. But the most satisfying pictures are the ones that need the least work.