April 8, 2017

In the back yard, Greenville, SC


Markus said...

That image speaks to me, David. Silent, unobtrusive, unspectacular, but it breathes some presence.

David said...

The morning after our only snow this year, about an inch of snow, I grabbed the camera and went out to take a couple of pictures of the house in the snow to post on Facebook. Then I saw a picture in the back yard, and then another, and then another.

I was not "seriously" shooting, just snapping a few snow pictures. But later, as I was looking them over, I realized that I had gotten six good pictures. (The last five posts plus the next one.) All within ten minutes and 100 feet of each other. Some days are like that.

Markus said...

Yes, David, and the key to such success is both awareness and persistance. If either is lacking, such an occasion would silently go by.