May 16, 2016

The last of the muck pictures, for now. Lake Conestee Nature Park, Conestee, SC


Markus said...


the middle of this series works best for me. I guess it' those small hints of reflections that allow to recognize the underwater location and that way remove that doubt of what we are looking at. Additionally that purple is a good contrast to the muddy brown and seems to deepen the color.

David said...

Interesting. I prefer the last one (May 16) because it has a range of colors, but they are so very muted.

Markus said...

David, as you see the prints and the screen, but I see only the screen representation, your choice certainly stands on different grounds.

That triplet is interesting for me, as I've always found nuances of brown to be difficult colors to print, so in the past I've shied away from even trying.