February 10, 2018

2017 Collection

Every year, I gather up the "art" photos that I have taken during the year (the ones that are posted here "On the Cork Board"), and from them I select the ones I think are best. I call this group of photos the "yearly collection". These are the photos I enter into exhibitions, display in public, and generally let people see.

Here is the "2017 Collection", newly completed. (Note that the "2017 Collection" physically exists as a set of prints in a nice portfolio box.)

Click a picture to see it bigger.


Anonymous said...

I really the the nature ones particularly the snow covered flowers and the tree trunk with leaves.

Markus said...

Fine, David! I re-encountered some of my favourites and also found some that I must have missed.

And - this is an incentive to work through my own pictures of 2017 and distill such a selection myself. Thank you for nudging me towards something that should be obvious...

David said...


-- and also found some that I must have missed --

You didn't miss them; they just haven't been posted yet. I am generally a month or two behind with pictures on the blog.

I'd like to tell you why I make these yearly collections, but I can hardly explain it to myself. I think the closest I can come is that each collection answers two questions. The first is "What do you take pictures of?", meaning what do I see and point my camera at as I'm out doing my art.

The second, which is closely related, is "What do you consider to be 'your work'?". Each collection is a set of prints, in a box, that is "my work" (artistically) for the year. I take lots of pictures, snapshots and art, and I enjoy them all. But my work is in the little box.

On a lighter note, I also make another collection each year, the yearly "shoebox", that is the story in pictures of my wife's and my year. That's where the best and most relevant snapshots go.

Give it a try.