January 16, 2019

2018 Collection

Every year, I gather up the "art" photos that I have taken during the year (the ones that are posted here "On the Cork Board"), and from them I select the ones I think are best. I call this group of photos the "yearly collection". These are the photos I enter into exhibitions, display in public, and generally let people see.

Here is the "2018 Collection", newly completed. (Note that the "2018 Collection" physically exists as a set of prints in a nice portfolio box.)

Click any picture to see it bigger.


Markus Spring said...

A fine collection, David! Admittedly I seem to have forgotten some of your images over the year, others I did immediately recognize again.

Now if you only had linked every image to a bigger version, that would make paging through your collection a pleasant experience. (If you need help with that, just send me an email)

David said...

Thanks, Markus. You are right, links to bigger versions would be good. But I’ve been spending my time lately on making pictures look their best on both a computer screen and on my iPad. Not so easy with blogger.

By the way, I apologize for not posting your many recent comments. Somehow the email notification for new comments got turned off. I posted them all yesterday.


David said...

Hey Markus, you can now click a picture to see it bigger.

Markus said...

David, thank you for putting up the links to the big pictures. It definitely was worth going from image to image and indulging in those good compositions and - what's the contrary of gaudy, vivid, maybe unobtrusive? - colors.