July 31, 2017

Trumpet vine in the back yard, Greenville, SC

July 28, 2017

Lake Conestee Nature Park, Conestee, SC

July 25, 2017

Trumpet vine, in the back yard. Greenville, SC

July 22, 2017

Downtown Greenville, SC

July 19, 2017

Downtown Greenville, SC

July 16, 2017

Downtown Greenville, SC

July 13, 2017

Downtown Greenville, SC

July 10, 2017

A light sepia treatment for an old looking building. Downtown Greenville,

July 7, 2017

Celebrating ten years of “On the Cork Board”!

Ten years ago, I told my wife: “When I retire, I want to start a blog like the one Carl Weese has.” Her reply was: “Why wait? Why don’t you start it now?” So, ten years ago today, I created “On the Cork Board” and made the first post. I’ve been at it ever since.

The purpose of “On the Cork Board” is simply to let you see where my art is going by seeing what I’m taking pictures of. That’s all. Please continue to visit. I hope you see something you like.

Downtown Greenville, SC

July 5, 2017

OK, so maybe not quite downtown, but close to downtown. Greenville, SC

July 2, 2017

Out of the woods and into the town for a bit. Downtown Greenville, SC

July 1, 2017

This spring, my brother Tom bought himself a new telephoto zoom; so I now have his old zoom on permanent loan. I don't find it very useful for "art", but it is kind of fun for taking pictures of the birds and other critters in the back yard. Here's what passes for wildlife photography around here. Greenville, SC